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At Boomerang Therapy Works, we inspire and guide you to move, play and live to your fullest with less prescriptions and fewer surgeries!

If you have pain or an injury.

Orthopedic Focus:

We have two clinicians who joined our team so that we could better alleviate pain… back pain, knee pain, groin pain, neck pain, headaches, foot pain, shoulder or joint. Are you an athlete who is concerned that your pain is affecting you game? Come and see us!

If you have neurological challenges.

Neurological Focus:

You may have heard we specialize in Parkinson’s disease, and this is definitely a passion of our owner JJ, and we have developed many programs focused on slowing the progression of PD and optimizing movement. But, this is not the only type of neurological condition that we focus on:  PT/OT/exercise in general can optimize many conditions including but not limited to strokes, MS, peripheral neuropathy, traumatic brain injuries including concussions, as well as some of the less seen diagnoses like multiple system atrophy

If you have trouble keeping your balance.

Balance challenges/Dizziness/Vertigo

Do you roll over in the morning to the room spinning?  Or do you have a general sense of unease when you are walking? JJ, our clinical director can help! Prior to starting Boomerang,  she ran a Balance/Vestibular program in Portland/Vancouver and has taught classes on balance challenges/vertigo/dizziness; she can help you figure out the cause of your problem and then work with you to optimize your function and minimize you risk for FALLS!

If you have bladder or bowel challenges.

Pelvic Floor Issues:

Are you tired of leaking when you cough? Sneeze? Jump? Do you need to know where every bathroom is “just in case”? Do you have pain with intercourse? Boomerang has a clinician who is trained in pelvic floor health for both men and women.

If you would like to have a personal trainer help you perform or live better.

Personal Training Focus:

Personal Training at Boomerang can here help you define your goals, reach your goals, and maintain your goals so you may live your best life.

If you are interested in purchasing REAX equipment


Boomerang Therapy Works is honored to be the West Coast hub for REAXing equipment. REAXing is cutting edge neuromuscular re-education equipment that can help an athlete achieve their goals or help a person with Parkinson’s disease balance and walk better. We have many pieces of REAXing equipment and if you are interested in purchasing equipment please set up a time for a tour!

Want Help to Decide if We Are Right For You?

Our Services

Physical Therapy

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Occupational Therapy

Personal Training

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Exercise Classes

About Boomerang

Who We Are

Boomerang Therapy Works offers a variety of individualized one-on-one treatment options that can be tailored to your health and wellness.  Our experienced, dedicated, and caring team offers therapeutic services which include physical therapy, occupational therapy, personal training and exercise, as well as a variety of therapeutic massage modalities. Combine your therapy with our unique selections of fitness classes and personal training to take your rehab to the next level.

Boomerang Therapy Works is the first and only wellness center in Vancouver and Portland Metro Area which is focused on specialized Parkinson's treatments. 

Each member of the team is certified to work with the aging population and can customize individual exercise programs for elderly patients.

Meet The Team

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JJ Flentke


My name is JJ Flentke and I am the owner of Boomerang Therapy Works, a physical therapy and wellness center designed for the aging patient and people with neuromuscular disorders... because that is my passion.  

I have my BS in Physical Therapy, my Masters in Public Health/Health Administration and my Doctorate in Physical Therapy with an emphasis on the aging process.

Ari Reiter


Hi, my name is Ari Reiter.  I am a firm believer in the power of exercise, a big fan of functional eccentric movements, and finding ways to improve anyone's balance.  Boomerang Therapy Works is providing me with an  incredible opportunity to work with complex and interesting patients who I can help and learn from at the same time. 

I earned my degree in Sociology and Religious Studies from Franklin and Marshall College, and then worked at a Bio-pharmaceutical recruiting firm.  I  attended Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, earning my Doctorate of Physical Therapy with an emphasis in Adult Neuro-Rehabilitation.

Trent Corey


Hello, my name is Trent Corey.  In 2005 I graduated from the University of Iowa with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.  My undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering created a strong foundation of analyzing physical systems and how they move.  Now, I focus on orthopedic as well as neurologic physical therapy and its ability to improve how the human body moves and functions.  

I am inspired by Boomerang's message of "Exercise is Medicine" and how it complements my focus of coaching others to achieve the highest degree of wellness possible.

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